The Keto Diet and the Meaning of Life

Broad River When one reaches a certain age, it becomes next to impossible to lose weight. I’ve tried many diets. They don’t work anymore. But I’ve lost almost 20 pounds (so far) on the Keto diet. Here’s my theory: We Homo sapiens were cursed early on to live, eat and […]

Is There A Digital Photography Revolution?

Pictures delivers reminiscences, feelings, and suggestions to lifetime. We take pleasure in wanting again on factors that once transpired in the earlier and electronic photographs give us the ability to shorten that “past” exponentially. Electronic images has also opened the earth to sharing like never ever right before, as we […]

Art and cars: Kayili artists

Kayili artists Mary Gibson, Mrs Kumana Ward, Pulpurru Davies, Nola Campbell and Jackie Kurltjunyintja Giles have each individual indulged a enjoy of colour, animating their motor vehicle bonnet’s surface with shimmering, cryptic, topographical maps of their state, and the ancestral journeys that fashioned it. Patjarr, property to the Kayili artists, […]

Complements of the Artist | Artists Network

Share: Produce visible impact and coloration harmony with a palette of complementary colors. Complementary colors—the hues directly opposite just about every other on the color wheel—are eye candy. The eye delights in these colour combinations and dances again forth with gleeful abandon along the edges where complementary hues meet. Try […]