Navel Rings – Stomach Button Piercing

There was a time when belly button piercing was completely unacceptable in western lifestyle. In the course of the mid nineteen nineties, nevertheless, some thing transpired that improved the way the environment observed naval piercing. It is complicated to say exactly where it began, but many purpose styles experienced a […]

The Nath: Standard Indian Nose Ring

The nose is normally assumed of as an organ solely utilised for scent and respiratory. But in India, the nose also carries some psychological, sexual and passionate connotations in just the context of Indian culture. The Nath: What and Why? The Nath, or the nose ring is an critical section […]

The Background and Tradition of Stretched Ears

Individuals have been decorating and earning alterations to the visual appeal of their bodies because recorded history began. This has taken numerous sorts by the ages, these types of as tattooing, piercing, stretching, scarring, branding, muscle sculpture, hair styling and many a lot more, and for nearly as lots of […]

Tragus and Anti-Tragus Piercings

Tragus piercings and anti-tragus piercings are becoming increasingly popular – in fact, tragus piercings are now one of the most common ear piercings around. Ear piercings are the most familiar form of Body piercings and the tragus and anti-tragus are fresh expressions of the mundane ear lobe piercings. The tragus […]

Рандом Интернатионал и Паце продају 990 НФТ-а за мање од 24 сата – АРТневс.цом

Није било много узбуђења у светском НФТ-у након крипто краха прошлог јуна. Али јуче се догодила неочекивана победа у Веб3 огранку Паце Галлери, Паце Версо, који је распродао свих 990 доступних НФТ-ова из Рандом Интернатионал колекције. Ти НФТ-ови су рађени у сарадњи са Данилом Криворучком и били су део колекције […]