The Power of Audio to Raise Your Vibration

Maintaining your body’s strength procedure flowing effortlessly is key to a pleased, balanced everyday living and there is very little that moves your power speedier than songs. Listening to my favored music under no circumstances fails to make me sense superior. And when I’m emotion fantastic, my vibration improves and […]

Organic Music

The word “organic” is used quite a bit these days. We hear it in business as organic growth and now we hear it with regard to music recording and podcasting. The term “organic” has come to refer to something that is natural, authentic, and has core value. For example, the […]

Wind Chimes Fill Your Back garden With Songs

In the movie Tornado, chimes and gongs go wild when a tornado will come, a musical sounding of a terrifying event. For most of us, even though, garden wind chimes are nowhere near as tense. They soothe and provide a musical backdrop to your each day everyday living. Obtainable in […]

Top 5 Myths About The Music Business

If you are involved in the entertainment business then you’ve probably heard a few tall tales. The following is a list of some of the top myths about the music business. 1. People in the music business will help you out of the kindness of their hearts. Facts: The music […]

Gospel Audio Society

Gospel songs society generally refers to the Christian music that sprung from the early African American church, which was later on adopted by most present day churches and influenced a great deal of gospel and R&B singers. Gospel tunes culture is identified for its special beats and the contagious tempos […]

Why Use Royalty Free Music?

When creating your own films or simply making videos for YouTube or a Facebook posting, you will certainly need to add a little background music. Beware the music you choose- YouTube and Facebook can shut down your video for copyright infringement. This happened to me when I created a memorial […]

Rhythm in Music

Quarter Note = 1 count A quarter note is all black with a stem on it either going up or down. I call it our “stepping” note because the note just steps and moves along. With 4/4 time, you would have a measure of 4 quarter notes because one quarter […]