Excess and Access: Contemporary Ceramics at Towson University 

fortune:folly / kelli rae adams at the Holtzman MFA Gallery

fortune:folly is a strong and fascinating display in which kelli rae adams explores and criticizes present financial methods by symbols of luck and fortune: dice, wishbones, and fortune cookies. The use of ceramics to explore economic devices is at to start with sudden, but their brisk and fragile nature lend by themselves to the show’s interactive elements. adams has a eager eye and sharp sense of design that tends to make this exhibition successful. The ceramics are still left unglazed in their mild grey tone, enhancing a concentration on the messages and the objects by themselves.

The clearly show has many interactive things, which to begin with feel jarring because I’m asked to split an object: a ceramic fortune cookie. Following the artist’s guidelines, I grab just one cookie from a pile on a black mat by the wall and enter a maze that is built from domino-like objects.

These rectangular blocks, every single about 3 by 8 inches extended, have 18 round imprints divided by a deep line in the middle, even though other individuals have the impression of the a few sensible monkeys, a Japanese pictorial maxim—see no evil, hear no evil, converse no evil—which is a image for persons missing morality by seeking the other way when witnessing corrupt and awful deeds. This imagery could reference the lack of morality of corporations, hedge cash, and many governments’ willful ignorance of unfair workers’ compensation.

At the center of the maze, I split the cookie above a substantial bowl currently holding other ceramic remnants. Expecting one thing lighthearted, I am shocked to receive a fortune with a dire economic actuality: “The top rated 25 hedge fund professionals in the U.S. make an regular of $850 million a calendar year.” I hold this fortune on the twine line, which presently has some other leaflets. I browse them 1 by just one and experience a further, similarly disturbing 1: “As of 2022, 13 several years have passed given that we elevated the least wage to $7.25/hour—the longest period of time devoid of an improve in the heritage of the bare minimum wage.”

Building just federal minimum amount wage and functioning total-time for 40 hrs a 7 days would depart one with $15,080, which is virtually unattainable to reside on, and when compared to a hedge fund manager’s income is unacceptable. The pandemic has shown that about fifty percent of vital staff, who kept this country jogging, obtain the lowest compensated wages.


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